Pangkostrad Kunker in NTT, Proof that the TNI AD is always there for the people

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The real evidence that the TNI AD is always there for the people is that some time ago the Pangkostrad Lieutenant General TNI Maruli Simanjuntak, M.Sc., who previously served as Pangdam IX/Udayana carried out a series of work visit agendas in the NTT region.

On that occasion, the Kostrad during a Kunker in Kupang Regency with his entourage harvested corn in Taiti Village, Silu Village, Fatuleu District.

On the sidelines of the event, Pangkostrad Lieutenant General TNI Maruli Simanjuntak, M.Sc., said he was very happy that this progress existed and was a follow-up to the “TNI AD Manunggal water” program. Our journey to do this may not be much but we have done it for more than 1 year.

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He stated that, at first we saw that people need water here. Finally, we made sanitation, but it was not sufficient for plantations because accessing seeds, fertilizers and working in the field was not easy.

However, thanks to our cooperation, we have proven to the Ministry that our target is not only self-sufficiency. “I am optimistic that if we can work harder, we can export corn”, Said the Pangkostrad in a press statement received by the media.

It was also stated, if we are committed and supported by the right Ministry in the right place, I believe that we can. If this is possible, it will be an example for other regions.

“I am proud to see the residents are all happy because we also have hope that we will change society a lot from the level of life, health, economy and children can go to good schools so that many great people will emerge as the successors of this area”, said Pangkostrad

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Next, the Pangkostrad accompanied by Aster Kostrad and Kasrem 161/WS along with his entourage headed to the South Middle East Regency (TTS) to hand over agricultural land in the form of corn and sorghum plantations to the Oebaki Residents, Noebeba District.

In his the welcome, the Pangkostrad convey that the contour of the land is one of the main problems faced by the agricultural sector in almost all parts of Indonesia in managing agricultural land, especially land with a planting area of ​​about 214 hectares of corn and 145 hectares of sorghum.

“I really thought about it at the time and spoke with a native Timorese son, Colonel Cpl Simon P. Kamlasi, who currently serves as Kasrem 161/WS. We summarized the results of the conversation and went straight to the current area,” said the Pangkostrad.

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Meanwhile, the Deputy Regent of TTS said that the land that had been prepared by the TNI AD helped the government in order to prosper the community and anticipate the food crisis, then the TNI AD opened up unused land for planting corn and the economic development of the community. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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